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National Whistleblower's Resources & Information (NWRI)
website by The Coomer Law Firm

The NWRI website by The Coomer Law Firm provides whistleblower information including whistleblower law, Qui Tam lawsuits, the Federal False Claims Act, State False Claims Acts, health care fraud, government contract fraud, defense contract fraud, homeland security fraud, financial fraud, government grant and loan fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), IRS tax fraud and whistleblower protection laws.  Please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form to speak with a whistleblower lawyer about your legal representation options or more specific whistleblower information.

The Coomer Law Firm is able to assist you by providing extensive whistleblower information on the following topics as well as many other areas of whistleblower and anti-fraud law:

Health Care Fraud (Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare Fraud)

Government Contractor, Defense Contract & Fraud

SEC, CFTC & Financial Fraud Whistleblower Actions

Government Grant & Loan Fraud (Education & Research Funding)

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (Anti-Corruption & Foreign Bribes)

IRS Tax Fraud & Evasion Whistleblowers

The whistleblower information covered within this website is intended to be general information only.  Please contact The Coomer Law Firm to discuss specific whistleblower information topics or to discuss your potential whistleblower action.

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